List of 105 services businesses ideas to start a passive income in 2018


Customer these days is the king of the market and is aware of the surroundings that he has never been earlier. They look forward to enjoy working with the people who offer them with convenient, faster and economical services. These are certain facts that push people to contact services entrepreneur to enjoy the real worth of their hard earned income. In this piece of writing, we will be talking about 105 ideas to get started to change the status from employed or unemployed to self employed.

Personal services:

  1. Pet grooming services at the customer’s door step is something that people will love like anything
  2. Collectibles searchers are one of the niche markets that are untapped. Look for such objects like antique lunch boxes, grandfather clocks, dolls and so much more.   
  3. Work green by replacing the disposable diapers alternatives with environmental friendly washables. Have a fueled truck for delivery with some washing machines and work for the better
  4. Entertain the busy professionals with pick up and deliver dry cleaning services
  5. Always keep the keys in your hands to act as a mobile locksmith with basic equipment and little training
  6. Have some paint and certain preventive measures and you are all geared up to serve the commercial as well as residential clients
  7. Be a golf club cleaner as they are looked for as golfers love their golf club like their kids and don’t want to see it being ruined with pitting, rust and discoloration.
  8. Get a kick to be self employed and be a self defense instructor. Karate, aikido or basic awareness skills of safety, teach people and earn money for you
  9. If you love adventure then all you need to do is to coordinate with the transportation, lodging, and food services and arrange adventure tours for the people
  10. Be a pet sitter and provide services for all kinds of pets
  11. To serve as a court paper processor is indeed a great way of serving people
  12. Provide mobile massage services for stress relieve and so much more
  13. If you have good knowledge about automobile repair then be mobile mechanic to serve the community
  14. People with culinary competence can work as personal chef and enjoy tantalizing profits for oneself
  15. Either you sew clothes from scratch or alter them, you can earn huge revenue via serving as a tailor
  16. Fixing the slightly displaced chips or tiles, cracks in the tub and so much puts entrepreneurs in the porcelain repair business
  17. Help people to present them good on paper as they are in real life. Offer resume and cover letter services
  18. Be a mystery shopper and satisfy your shopping desire as well as earn revenue for you
  19. Tax form preparers can never be out of demand so exploit the opportunity in every possible manner
  20. Wedding guide services are a real fun
  21. Allow soap and water earn your profit as a mobile car washing service provider
  22. User car inspection
  23. Professional organizer
  24. Power washing
  25. Tutoring
  26. Windshield repair
  27. Private investigation

Business services:

After the personal services, let us have a look at the business services:

  1.  With your writing skills, and being a business savvy in general, you can be an efficient business plan consultant
  2. Provide packing as well as unpacking services to people
  3. Be a business travel and employee travel management techniques to amuse travelling lovers
  4. Carpet dyeing
  5. Auditing of hospital bills
  6. Be a staffing specialist
  7. Use book-keeping as not only time saving activity but as an asset for you
  8. Be a technical savvy by learning certain diagnosis with the computers and earn via computer repairing
  9. Be a referral service entrepreneur, introduce new comers to the people around you and earn finances for you
  10. Be a freight brokerage and be indispensable for the overall burgeoning technological scene
  11. Video brochure
  12. Be an expert in screening the potential employees for the businesses
  13. Computer consultant
  14. Long distance reseller
  15. Limousine services
  16. Relocation services
  17. Translator
  18. Office plant maintenance
  19. Office consultancy
  20. Offline support services
  21. Mini-blind cleaning
  22. Apartment prepping
  23. Debt collection services
  24. Catering
  25. Restaurant delivery services
  26. Seminar promotion
  27. Window washing
  28. Valet parking
  29. Professional organizer
  30. Power washing

Sales and marketing:

After personal and commercial services, let us have a look at the marketing and sales business ideas:

  1. Lead generation for the sales
  2. Public relations agency
  3. Proofreading and copywriting services
  4. Direct mailing
  5. Sales training
  6. Welcoming services

Home services:

Among home services you can serve as follows:

  1. Handyman services
  2. Home entertainment installation
  3. Debt and mortgage reduction services
  4. Pool services
  5. Lawn care
  6. Home inspection services
  7. House painting
  8. House sitting
  9. Home decorating
  10. Food supplies home delivery services
  11. Custom closet systems
  12. Residential cleaning

Computer technology:

  1. Computer consultation
  2. Internet research
  3. Website designer

Children’s services:

  1. Children party planning
  2. Child care
  3. Child identification program
  4. Children fitness
  5. Children transportation services
  6. Baby proofing
  7. Computer training for children
  8. Nanny placement
  9. Infant and new mother care

Event services:  

  1. Photography
  2. Personnel shopper
  3. Family history video
  4. Mobile disc jockey
  5. Wedding planner
  6. Photo birth announcements
  7. Videotaping services
  8. Reunion organizing

These above mentioned are some of the areas where you can enjoy self employment. See which area complements your thoughts and vision and gear yourself up to serve the people and earn revenue for you.

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