4 Ideas for Running Your Business Remotely


People are surrounded by internet connections to the point that it’s hard to find a place without connectivity. As a result, it’s no longer essential to be in a physical office to run your business. It’s possible to operate your business remotely from any location. As long as you have a well-planned agenda, you should not let your business limit your ability to travel.

Benefits of Working Remotely

Working from a remote location gives you peace of mind that your business does not have to rely on you being in a certain place at a certain time. Since technology allows you to choose your own atmosphere where to work, you can be more productive, according to a recent study published by Harvard Business Review.

Allowing others to work from any location creates a friendly upbeat relationship with your workforce, which fuels the goal of increased productivity. The telecommuting business model can help sharpen your judgment of others so that the focus is on the quality of their work rather than a dress code or if they show up for work on time. Here are other benefits to a remote workforce:

  • helps cut down on pollution, which helps the environment
  • flexibility allows workers to set their own schedules
  • saves the company from investing in expensive computers
  • sales agents can spend more time on the field closing deals
  • allows for the possibility of a 24/7 business

Outsourcing the Logistics

In order to create a business that can be operated remotely, you may also need to hire someone to handle basic tasks while you’re away from your desk. Outsourcing to a virtual assistant is a popular solution for many remote business owners. The virtual assistant can answer certain emails or handle certain phone calls for you, while you’re on the road.

Another way outsourcing can help you is if you sell products online and you need someone to take orders for you. Third party vendors can handle all the redundant tasks that owners would rather not deal with, such as quality control and shipping procedures. It’s further possible to outsource a cloud-based help desk to provide tech support or customer service for your customers.

Maximize Workloads with Virtual Assistants

Assigning work to virtual assistants as needed can be more economically efficient than hiring a full-time staff that expects benefits. You will only have to outsource their help when you need it and you will not have to pay for idle time when there is little work to do. There are multiple platforms to choose from for hiring freelance workers, such as Upwork. You can also find freelance workers by checking local online classifieds sites. Millennials favor freelance work opportunities, due to flexible schedules that allow them to explore other career paths.

Every virtual assistant you hire saves you from purchasing an extra computer in your network. The virtual assistant will be responsible for their own device, maintenance, and security, saving you money on IT, hardware and software costs. You should be clear about the confidentiality of the data and make sure you work with virtual assistants you can trust.

Setting Parameters

No matter how many virtual assistants you hire or outsourced partners you work with, you should still be in control of your network. You can organize your network and keep it safe by allowing different users to access limited sections of your server with a username and password. Using virtualization allows you to divide a physical server into multiple virtual servers that can be dedicated to individual virtual assistants or partners.

It’s actually possible to set up a business that runs entirely on virtualization methods. Perhaps you have a digital product to sell that can be downloaded instantly. Or maybe you sell physical products online and all you need is a virtual assistant to handle and process orders. The largest virtual retailer in the world is Amazon, whose business model has inspired thousands of new online retailers that sell through the popular platform.

The tech industry has embraced remote work more than any other industry. Software programmers, web designers, graphic artists and digital marketers have embraced the remote model, proving its viability for increasing productivity and efficiency.


If you enjoy travel, you don’t have to be tied down to your business – as long as you adopt principles of virtualization. You can either connect with cloud services or set up a virtualized server to create a virtual business that can be accessed remotely from any location.

There may be only certain times of the year that you want to hire a virtual staff. On the other hand, the nature of your business may allow you to rely on outsourcing throughout the year. Consider outsourcing if you feel your business isn’t letting you have a break.

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