How Artificial Intelligence Changed the E-commerce Sector

How Artificial Intelligence Changed the E-commerce Sector

What is Artificial Intelligence?

John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence defines this theory with the following words,

“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about making a computer controlled robot or a software that can think like a human intelligence. When AI thinks like a human, works like him, and solves problems just as a normal human does, it is considered as successful.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Help in E-commerce?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest technologies that the world is now working on. In this latest technology, human intelligence is recreated through machines and by making different software that can effectively understand human habits. There are already a number of countries in the world that are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recently Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to a robot and it is the first time in the history of mankind that a country has given official citizenship to a robot. This shows that how fast artificial intelligence is making its place in our lives.

Along with different other leading industries in the world, e-commerce is the one that is leading from the front in the case of adopting latest artificial technologies. Using this particular technology, companies have now come even closer to their customers. E-commerce industry has brought a number of smart changes in it. If you go back to in the past, there were no internet and people used to go to a number of stores to buy their desired products and they would check each product by themselves and beat the traffic on the road as well. After the internet, the time changed and thousands of online stores came front from where people started buying things and saving their time.

The industry didn’t even stop at that moment and brought a number of new features to make the shopping experience faster, better, and more convenient. Online home delivery went on its peak and still facilitating shopping lovers across the world. Today, people just need to order their desired item online and within some hours, the order comes to their doorsteps. You can also notice this in the upcoming event of Black Friday in which, thousands of people across the world will order millions of things online from different online stores.

Every business entity related to the e-commerce sector tries its best to facilitate its clients or customers by all means. In the last Valentine’s Day, Titan tested a chatbot based on robotic intelligence that helped its customers choosing the product for them. The test proved to be successful and the company adopted this artificial intelligence in their customer support, referrals, and in the product discovery as well.

Another example you can consider, is about the famous HDFC Bank. The bank introduced a feature based on artificial intelligence with the name “Ask Eva”. Through this application, the account holders in the bank can chat with a robot “Eva” and can take help in all the bank related things.

E-commerce platforms are also making the most of AI to collect the information about their customers and to learn about their behaviors as well. If the things continue in this direction, it is a firm belief in this particular industry, by 2020, people will be having less interaction with humans and more with customized robots.

Artificial Intelligence has also made it easy to control things in your house. There are a number companies in the world that are now offering a number of applications that can help you control everything in your house when you are out. Today, you can turn the lights on or off in your home using a mobile application. A robot saves several minutes when it helps a customer to fill a cart or when it informs its company about filled carts. AI has just simply reshaped the e-commerce industry a greater extend.

Since the e-commerce industry is reshaping its structure with the passage of time, there will be certain changes in future in the industry with respect to artificial intelligence and people will get more comfort in the industry and online shopping experience will get more advanced quite soon. AI has also brought a number of new opportunities for a logo design company, developers, digital marketers, and for a number of people having their careers in the digital world.

What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

The future of AI is as affluent as it should be. In future, works will be done more by machines or software and less by humans. People will become more connected with each other and you won’t be in need to get worried about your loved ones when they will be away from you because the AI will keep you connected with them all the time. The crime ratio will also experience a reduction as it will become easy to capture criminals and make your place safer than ever.

In the e-commerce sector as well, AI will bring certain revolutionary changes and will provide meaningful opportunities to people living in the digital world. Online shopping will become more advanced and different chat software will be facilitating customers finding the right products or services for them. In short, we should expect a great boom in artificial intelligence and should prepare ourselves to live with robots and use different advanced applications. You may find top scientists like Stephen Hawking and others telling us that artificial intelligence will end mankind in this world, but, the fact is that AI has become a certain part of our digital world and it will become closer to us in future!

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