Best Customer Service Practices for an eCommerce Business


For eCommerce businesses, it’s very important to engage customers properly, in order to boost sales. Nowadays, offering superior products and services isn’t the only thing that guarantees customer engagement or satisfaction. Businesses that wish to retain customers and ensure their loyalty must offer exceptional customer service as well. With the online market being so highly competitive and overcrowded, having an excellent customer service may as well be your competitive advantage.

Without a way to engage customers and pique their interests, you’ll have no way of retaining them.  That’s why it’s important to deliver a seamless experience, service and support to your customer, in order to drive your eCommerce business towards success. Online consumers have specific expectations and needs when it comes to doing business with eCommerce stores. If your business is able to meet those expectations, you can be sure that you’ll have a loyal consumer base. That being said, here are a few of the best customer service practices for eCommerce businesses.

Provide accurate information

It’s important to understand that customers will most likely want to familiarize themselves with your business, your products and services, as well as your policies before they decide to make a purchase. To ensure customers have what they need, provide them with accurate information on any related topic they might be interested in.

For example, you can set up a knowledge base or frequently asked questions FAQ page. That way your customers can help themselves to any relevant information they need, such as company information, return policy, pricing and shipping fees and so on. In addition, you save your customers the trouble of having to contact customer support or running into any misunderstandings or inconveniences while on your website. Providing customers with the right information ensures their engagement and satisfaction.

Offer phone support

A lot of online consumers still prefer to call companies for support. In fact, 37% of consumers believe that phone calls are the best means for getting adequate support. That being said, you should set up a call center for your customers. The main reason is that customers prefer to talk to someone in person to get their issues resolved or their questions answered.

If possible, you should implement a 24-hour phone support for your customers. However, if you favor a larger consumer base, you should consider buying 1300 numbers for your eCommerce store. Having a professional landline will help you handle more inbound calls and ensure that your customers won’t have to wait long to voice their concerns and have their problems sorted out.

Leverage social media platforms

Social media can greatly benefit your customer service practices. The main reason is that social media allows your eCommerce store to become more available to your target audience. What’s more, you’re in direct contact with your customers present on social networks. That means that, aside from good communication and building long-lasting relationships with customers, you can also provide seamless service to customers.

Be proactive with your service and support and post product descriptions and demo videos to your audience. That way, your customers can familiarize themselves with your offers and you can answer any questions customers may have as well. However, make sure you focus on social media networks your audience is present at. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and resources building a presence on networks that your audience doesn’t even visit.

Add a live chat feature

Good communication is essential in providing a good customer service and support. Adding a live chat feature on your eCommerce websites will help you improve communication with customers and your customer service as well. The main reason is that live chat allows your customers to talk to you straight away and have any issues resolved in a fast and efficient way. That is good customer service practice because you’re able to provide support on the spot.

As a matter of fact, 79% of online consumers prefer live chat features due to its fast responsiveness. In addition, 46% of consumers agree that live chat is one of the best communication channels. Furthermore, live chat isn’t only beneficial for your customer service. In fact, live chat can also be used to obtain valuable feedback from your customers and improve your business based on the information you’ve gathered.

Showcase billing history

Self-service is highly regarded by online consumers. Ensuring that the experience on your eCommerce website is as seamless as possible makes customers happy and satisfied. That’s why it’s important to provide the means to your customers so that they can find what they’re looking for. Billing history is a good example.

Customers want insight into their accounts, purchases, payment options and so on. Make sure you have that sort of information easily available to them. That way your customers can analyze previous purchases and billing fees, in order to calculate their future dealings. Offering convenience to customers through your services is an excellent way to ensure loyalty and engagement in customers.

Customer service and support is a crucial factor in customer satisfaction. If your eCommerce store isn’t able to provide an exceptional and seamless customer service, you’ll fall behind no matter how good your products may be.

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