Best Universities for Pursuing a Masters Degree in Australia

University of New South Wales

Australia has been on top of the charts recently for students seeking admission to Masters here. Ranking at world number seven, it beat the other country above it — the United States in 2018 says an annual university ranking survey — to become the most favoured destination for pursuing a degree in Masters in varied subjects.


It is home to more than 330,000 international students, and there is a good reason for it. Australia has an excellent higher education system, with plenty of world-class universities to select from that have some of the best professors and researchers attached to these universities.


Of the several universities in Australia, the top universities are:

– The University of Melbourne

– Monash University

– University of New South Wales

– Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

– The University of Sydney


Though there is a list of top ten universities where acceptability for gaining admissions for international students remains very high. Seeking admissions in these universities is an academic privilege for deserving candidates based on their IELTS and TOEFL scores and their university ranking in their home state.

How Good Is Australia For Masters Study?

Australia has an international ranking of sorts to have carved a niche for themselves in academic brilliance. It evokes much admiration in the three main world university rankings. It has eight institutions featuring in the top 150 of each league table. There’s impressive in-depth strength in these institutions propelled by the high up to date quality of imparting education to – the top 20 Australia universities rank among the best 300 in the world, according to a survey.


Besides the long-drawn conventional attention that the two countries the USA and the UK have had for being the traditional academic powerhouses of America and the UK, Australia has carved its niche for being the most popular destinations for international postgraduates based on their research and teaching excellence combined.


It remains extremely innovative to date. Hence, there is not an iota of doubt that Australia has an excellent higher education system, with plenty of world-class universities to choose from. There are also various professionals who provide Australian university assignment help and academic assistance to students.

Why Is Australia One of the Favoured Destinations of Students?

Being an English speaking destination that has hospitable Aussies, international students have not found accommodating difficult here for higher studies. Admissions too are not a problem for deserving candidates. The environment and security, the two major contributors to safe living conditions in Australia, have been very conducive to support Masters and other degree courses in Australia for international students seeking academic growth here. Students seek studying here also because of the cultural diversity and friendly milieu in university campuses. They choose Australia for its academic prosperity and quality education with full international support and assignment help in studies.

What Should Be The Criteria For Choosing A Masters College?

A Masters degree from any college from around the world is a matter of prestige. Deciding on the country, whether the US or Australia should be based on other criteria too than just the quality of education. The decision is also based on the additional decision to stay in the country after graduation, deciding the country for Postgraduate studies accordingly can make a difference. Global university rankings are also considered subject-wise. It is also advisable in specific cases. After the undergraduate course, pursuing Masters is a specialised study. In selecting the university or college related to it, it is important to observe the subject faculty and the supporting infrastructure favouring it.

Keeping that in mind, the colleges that qualify best for Masters in Science in Australia are the following

The University of Melbourne ranks number three and is among the best universities in Australia for MS. Top four Australian Prime Ministers and nine Nobel Laureates studying here have soared the popularity of the college for MS in Computer Science.


Monash University in Melbourne ranks as the eighth-highest research institution and the University ranks at No 91 globally. It is a highly rated course for its MS in Information Technology. It has a reputation of the highest placement immediately after studies ranking to as much as 90 per cent placement.


University of New South Wales (UNSW) is known for its libraries in housing good public research in Sydney. The university fulfils all the criteria for being the best university in Australia for a Mechanical Engineering course.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is the largest institute in for higher education with an annual student intake of more than 85,000. Graduates seek admission for Information and technology on account of its 5-star rating for teaching, engagement, and employability.


The University of Sydney the oldest and the first is the world leader in higher education. Also, the University is known for its best graduate employability factor worldwide. Students pursue Masters here in any faculty, it is the best university in Australia for MS.


Yes, it is worth pursuing a Master’s degree from Australia. After the US, UK Australia is the most preferred destination for students who want to pursue a Master’s degree based heavily on the arguments presented here. Australia performs impressively in the three main world university rankings, with eight institutions featuring in the top 150 of each league table. What remains to be seen however is post quarantine, due to Covid19, what is the status update of universities across the world, when the entire education, as a whole, is likely to be redefined and be mostly online.


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