Exploring The Hottest Office Design Trends For Millennials

Office Design Trends

Being young and full of energy is amazing, but it’s not going to do the trick if you have to spend eight or nine hours a day stuck in a small and uninspiring office. That’s why the new generation of employees are looking for alternative solutions when it comes to office spaces, so more and more offices around the world are becoming Millennial-friendly. This means they’re full of fresh air and natural light, as well as sustainable, eco-friendly and with an adequate amount of maneuvering space. If you too are working in an office full of Millennials, but aren’t sure how to make it appealing to them, here are a couple of ideas that might help you achieve that successfully.

Work areas and seating options

Beings so extraordinarily opinionated, Millennials are huge fans of unconventional spaces, especially when it comes to seating arrangements. Therefore, don’t expect a bunch of regular desks and chairs in a Millennial-friendly office because they prefer something more homely, cozy and relaxed. In other words, something that looks and feels more like a living room or a café than an office!

Moreover, they just love certain types of furniture, both at home and at work, so the office space needs to be adjusted to that philosophy as well. Luckily, things like yoga mats, bean bags and egg chairs aren’t hard to find. So, give your employees the freedom to pick their own seats that will inspire them and keep them motivated.

Technology 2.0


No matter what you do, we simply have to rely on computers and the IoT more than the generations before us. That’s why you should invest in providing your staff with the latest gadgets that are going to help them be more efficient, inspired and, in the end, productive in their work.

Start with simple things like brand new laptops and tablets, but don’t be afraid to explore wireless keyboards and mice, and then spice things up with dual monitor setups and smart boards. In the end, decorate the lounge with huge TVs and game consoles that will give them a chance to relax and take a break from their hard work. This way, your Millennials will be happier and encouraged to bring their A-game to the office every single morning.

Save space and be practical

Another thing Millennials are really passionate about is practical and multifunctional space, which is why they’re always trying to save some of it and utilize every inch of their workplace. This is what makes their offices different from everyone else’s, especially when compared to the offices of the older generations that don’t pay much attention to these details – they don’t mind crowded spaces as much as Millennials do, and their offices reflect such an attitude.

The best way to ensure your office is both practical and multifunctional is by using special sort of furniture that allows a number of people to work at the same time. And if this furniture is aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching too, even better! This is basically why more and more Millennials are falling in love with practical office workstations that can be personalized and modified. They can be adjusted to suit all your employees and provide them with the right work atmosphere that will inspire them to give their best every day of the week.

Open concept

Finally, Millennials just love freedom, especially in the office. When looking for the perfect working area, almost all of them admit that open-concept spaces are much better than cubicles and corner offices where people keep their doors closed and are thus alienated from their colleagues.

Some of the reasons why Millennials love open space include the positive atmosphere among all employees, regardless of their age, position and income, as well as coziness and elegance of such a setup. Ultimately, these spaces are perfect for startups and companies that employ a huge number of young people, and these are precisely the companies that Millennials work in.

Of course, these are not all of the things today’s employees love about their jobs, but are among the most important ones. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your office more appealing to Millennials, try these ideas out as soon as possible.

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