How to Start a Business in 2021

how to start a business

Are you thinking about to start your business? Let me tell you the most important points on how to start a business in 2021.

The following article gives you a clear view about everything you need to know regarding to startup your own business or company, and provides you a complete guide to foundation of a company.


Business Startup Requirements


Legal Requirements


In principle, anyone of legal age can set up a company. sole proprietorship gives you the greatest possible freedom, because you are your own boss and all decisions are left to you. A business with many people in the form of a team is also possible. Both the work and the financial burden are shared, and a start-up with several people who bring financial resources to the company can have a positive effect on equity.

Professional requirements


Depending on what kind of company you want to start up, technical qualifications can play a role, for example if chartered accounts degree required to start an auditors firm. Therefor you should have basic knowledge about the need of specialty or expertise in that particular field of business.

You should be able to demonstrate at least basic business and commercial knowledge if you want to become an entrepreneur. These are necessary to keep track of your income and expenses, sales and earnings and to correctly keep the books that are necessary for the tax.


Social and Business communication skills also can help you in several points regarding to start or smoothly running a business. Like negotiations, meetings with different clients or vendors, negotiations with banks and lenders.


Business Startup Planning

Business Idea


Do you have a business idea in mind for a long time that you finally want to put into practice, or are you still looking for an original idea for your own brand? Regardless of whether you are still at the beginning or already have a precise plan, it always makes sense to focus on what you like to do and what you are good at. Nor do you have to reinvent the wheel, corporate succession or a franchise license can help you start a business.


Inspect the Business Idea


A market analysis helps to analyses the existing competition and the extent to which it differs from existing offers. You should also be aware of your target group: are there enough customers who are willing to spend money on your product or service? You can obtain the required industry information for an analysis from the responsible industry associations or chambers of industry and crafts.


Pre planning


All questions relating to your business should be clear as early as possible. Like how to finance your business? Or do want to set a business for full time or part time? How to register? when do you need insurance for business? what about taxations and marketing?



Are you wondering what options are available to finance your business? One alternative is private reserves or a loan from your personal environment; but you can also take out a public loan or grant.


Permits and other bureaucratic requirements


Before you can start your business, you may need to obtain approvals, permits or clearances for your company. A distinction can be made between activities for which a permit is required, that is, for which permits are required, and activities that do not require a permit and can be carried out without a permit. Activities that are subject to a permit are defined in trade regulations, which include, for example, the operation of private hospitals, game rooms or travel trade. You can register an activity without a permit directly with the trade office.

Find the right name for your business


Giving the child the right name: this is one of the first and most important steps on the road to starting a business. By looking at the business register, you can check which names you can no longer use because they have already been taken. Once you have found your company name, you should protect the associated domains and register it.

Create a clean start & win customers


After a successful establishment, it is important to generate sales and enter the market successfully. Since very few people know about your offer, you must communicate it to them. A coherent marketing concept that ideally places your product or service on the market helps with customer acquisition.


The channels you choose depend on your company; there are many options open to you, from telephone acquisition to social networks and a personal sales argument on the site. Of course, you should also pay attention to your budget; you have already made your first thoughts on customer acquisition in the marketing chapter of your business plan.




Whether it is a question of financing your company, profitability, choosing the legal form or registering with the commercial office, setting up a company must be carefully planned. A variety of online start-up portals or offers from the federal and state governments help here. With the latter, you can get more information online or participate in personal consultations. Before you take the step of founding, you should definitely seek the advice of people who have experience in the field and who can help you develop a clear strategy for starting your business.


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