Interesting Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Week With Your Romantic Partner

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Love is a beautiful feeling and not everyone is lucky enough to experience true love during their lifetime. If you are among those very few lucky ones then never ever take love for granted- celebrate it at every chance you get, every second of every single day! not only in valentine’s week.


Given our busy schedules, we agree it might not be possible to do something special every single day for our partner but when the world itself has given you a whole long week to celebrate the love you both share, what’s stopping you from doing so?


Yes, we are talking about the very popular Valentine’s Week, which starts on the 7th of February every year with Rose Day and ends on the 14th of February with the very special day of love- Valentine’s Day. This week should be all about you and the love of your life.


A week which is specially made to celebrate love sounds great but it is also a little challenging at times to come up with unique ideas for each and every day of this week in order to make your loved one feel special. If you are looking for ideas for how to celebrate the Valentine’s Week in a way that’s romantic and memorable for both you and your partner, we have some great options for you:


  • Rose Day: 7th February

There’s nothing more romantic than waking up to a room decorated with fresh roses or ending the day by entering a room full of fresh red roses. Light some scented candles, put on some romantic music, greet the love of your life with some beautiful roses, and have the most romantic time of your life with the person who means the most to you!


  • Propose Day: 8th Valentine’s

If you both aren’t in an official relationship with each other yet, this is the most perfect day to start the journey. Are you wondering what to do on this day if you both are already dating each other or are married to each other? Well, it would be really romantic to recreate the special moment once again where you asked him or her out- in fact, that would be a wonderful way to bring back the lost romance (in case it’s lost a bit over time) and the spark that went missing after a point!


  • Chocolate Day: 9th February

The sweetest day of the week- literally! This special day demands for a chocolate (or even a bouquet made up of chocolates)- it’s going to add a lot of sweetness and romance in your relationship.


  • Teddy Day: 10th February

Girls love Teddy Bears (some boys do too and that’s absolutely normal, in case you think otherwise), therefore giving a Teddy Bear on Teddy Day might be a cliché thing to do but believe it or not, it’s also one of the sweetest things you can do to bring a smile on his or her face!



  • Promise Day: 11th February

Whether you have been together for only a month or a year, five years or twenty-five years, promises are a very important part of the relationship. It’s easy to make promises but sometimes it’s difficult to keep them- therefore, other than promising each other the Sun or the Moon, promise little things that matter, for example, you can promise each other that you will never watch a particular series without each other, or you will always say I love you (and mean it) before hanging up on the phone, or you will always be there for each other through thick and thin, etc. It’s these small promises that matter the most!


  • Hug Day: 12th February

Physical gestures, even something as small as a hug” are important to convey emotions to one another. Start the day with a hug and end it with one too, and in between give as many hugs as you wish to (the tighter the better!).


  • Kiss Day: 13th February

A kiss conveys your deepest emotions without even having to speak out a word- it’s a beautiful gesture shared between two people! While you don’t need to wait for a special day to kiss the love of your life- do it some more on this special day.


  • Valentine’s Day: 14th February

The most important day of Valentine’s Week and the official day of love- Valentines flower, it deserves to be celebrated in the most special manner. It can be a small celebration or a grand one, an adventurous one or a super romantic one, one which includes even friends and family or one that includes only the two of you- no matter how you wish to celebrate it, make it special and memorable, that’s all. It’s not a day which is only about you or just your partner alone, it’s a day for the two of you together as one unit and that’s what makes it so special- it’s the day to celebrate the love you both share for each other!


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Make each day of Valentine’s Week special and memorable for the years to come- make each day go down in the golden book of memories!


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